About us

Establishment : Nucleous Management and HR Consultancy hosts Executive search, HR solutions, encompassing Sourcing, Corporate and Institutional Training. We are determined for delivering effective results consistently with focus, understanding and emphasis on quality. It is a global management consulting firm which works with the top most industry leaders in different sectors. Our main motto is to provide the best talent to client organization. We also provide right opportunity to the potential candidate. We help them to develop their skills which benefit them and give path to be placed in best origination.

Clients : Our clients come across from the private and public sectors from across UAE and Middle East. We are working with our clients on regional challenges with very specialized roles, the appetite for sustainable leadership development, and the continual need to provide an attractive employee value proposition.

What We do:

We conduct highly customized search at aligning our clients Requirement according there, cultures and strategic goals with exemplary candidates. Our experienced and well networked consultants source a high-quality, targeted and consultative approach to each mandate, thereby enabling our take their businesses to the next level

Salient features of our Sourcing Process

A : Quick turnaround Time after receiving the assignment.

B : Resumes would be provided with a Synopsis so as to get a better understanding of the candidate before opening of the resumes.

C : A dedicated Support Team for co-ordinations of resumes and line -ups.